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. governor romney, just because you bank against the united states of america doesn't mean the rest of us are willing to sell her out. >> reporter: the governor did not touch on any controversial issues voters in our state will face this november. the first three questions have to do with identification said for judges -- qualifications for judges. and then support for the children of undocumented immigrants in maryland. six is the same sex marriage issue. do you believe they should be able to get married in maryland and the final question, number 7, its about the expansion of gambling, adding table games and adding a sixth location in prince george county. that is the matter he wants to get behind him. even as he looks forward to the 2012 election and perhaps 2016. >> be reelecting barack obama, president of the united states. god bless you all. >> tonight, politico is reporting that governor martin o'malley will -- >> all right. itsit's come down to this. you can literally carry an emergency room on your iphone. >> an app a day could you out of a sick day. >> you want to make sure to do
of militants and it won't change the relationship between the united states and libya. officials believe it was preplanned probably timed to the september 11 anniversary and not linked to an antimuslim film that sparked a protest on tuesday. >> this is an attack that should shock the conscience of people of all faiths around the world. >> reporter: all americans have been evacuated from bengazee. the u.s. is going to track down the attackers. >> neil armstrong, the first man to step on the moon will be memorialized in the national cathedral in washington tomorrow. the last man to work on the moon will speak. armstrong's crew mate michael collins will lead prayers and there will be a performance of fly me to the moon. we will cover the ceremony tomorrow evening at five and six. >>> this is a weird time for shopping. should we by shorts now or for next summer. >> you should by if all. >> we're going to tell you the season to start saving on clothing for fall. >> our storm shield app is available. and our abc2news weather app is available in the itunes store. >> a lot of the things out ther
is declining, where the american dream is really alive and well again and where the united states maintains its leadership as a force for peace and justice and prosperity in this highly competitive world, you have to vote for barack obama. i love our country so much and i know we're coming back. for more than 200 years, through every crisis, we've always come back. people have our demise ever since george washington was criticized for being mediocre with a bad set of wooden false teeth. so far every american that's bid against america has lost money because we always come back. we come through every fire a little stronger and a little better. and we do it because in the end, we decide to champion the cause for our our founders pledged their lives, their fortunes, they're sacred honor, because of forming a more perfect union. my fellow americans, if that is what you want, if that is what you believe, you must vote and you must re-elect president barack obama. god bless yound god bless america. ♪ don't stop thinking about tomorrow ♪ >> and there he was, the former president, bill clinton. geo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3